Virtual Try-on, the last piece of the online eyewear business puzzle

If you’ ever be an online shopper wanting to buy a pair of sunglasses, did you notice that wait-a-second moment before clicking the buy button? If you ever own an e-commerce website selling sunglasses, did you notice the moment when you wish there would be something? I am talking about the last crusade to bring optical stores online: Virtual try-on. That small tiny little feature of trying on glasses online seems to be the game changer when it gives customers all the confidence to buy the glasses they want.
Virtual Try On box of Glazfit
Virtual fitting room is somehow similar concept, but due to the inconvenience of building 3D models of your body, it is still struggling. Virtual try-on, on the other hands has gained much momentum thanks to face tracking technology. Big players in the market have been long aware of this must-have feature. There are Virtual Mirror of Ray-ban US, HappyView in France.
The surprising thing is that the conversion rate is reportedly up to 80% after deployin…
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